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In April 2016 (16/17th) for the second time in the Netherlands, seminars will be conducted by Grandmaster Michael Robert Pick.

The organisational commitee with GM Michael Robert Pick in California, May 2013
The organisational commitee with GM Michael Robert Pick in California, May 2013

Grandmaster Michael Robert Pick is a 10th Degree Black Belt in Parker’s American Kenpo and founder of the Universal Kenpo Federation. Mr. Pick was a long-time student and friend of Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker, and received his First Degree through 7th Degree Black Belts personally from Mr. Parker. Mr. Parker often referred to Mr. Pick as Kenpo’s premiere knife-fighter. Mr. Pick served with the Marine Corps in Vietnam, and for seven years taught hand-to-hand combat to the Special Forces at Fort Carson, Colorado. He was recently honored as the 22nd member of the International Close Combat Instructors Association. Mr. Pick now lives in California and is a professional blacksmith.

A biographic profile can be found on the website of USA Dojo


Jan Peter Bolhuis & Marcel de Jong
UKF Europe & Katsudo Kenpo

The seminar schedule

GM Pick will teach the following sessions:

Saturday April 16th, Katsudo Kenpo Nieuwegein

  • 09:30 AM – 10:30 AM: Kids training session

Saturday April 16th, MBM-Sports Doorn

  • 01:00 PM – 02:30 PM: Training session 1
  • 03:30 PM – 05:00 PM: Training session 2

Sunday April 17th, MBM-Sports Doorn

  • 10:30 AM – 12:00 AM: Training session 3
  • 01:00 PM – 02:30 PM: Training session 4
  • 03:00 PM – 04:00 PM: History of Kenpo presentation

Additional sessions by guest instructors will be available too, information will follow as soon as possible.

Belt testing (special and rare chance)

**Proceeds for belt tests will be donated 100% to the Frank Trejo Medical Fund

!! UKF does not normally charge for belt tests. !!

There will be two one hour belt tests under the guidance of GM Pick, including a testing board. Depending on the people testing, the composition of the board can vary. One test will be yellow belt tests conducted in Doorn with UKF students only. For all tests school owners will bring their own belts and certificates. Tests are including ceremony.

Adresses of seminarlocations

  • UKF European Training Center Nieuwegein (Katsudo Kenpo, Herenstraat 100, Nieuwegein)
  • UKF Dutch Training Center Doorn (Mariniersweg 3, Doorn)


There are three different types of opportunities for training this year hosted by GM Mike Pick .

  1. Regular training
  2. Seminar
  3. Private Class

Ad 1. €20,00
Ad 2. €80,00*
Ad 3. €150,00 per hour

Belt test: € 20,00**
*full weekend or € 55,00 per day.
Kids €15,00
Lunch pack €13,00 per day incl 2 drinks, food, fruit.
Saturday Night Dinner/BBQ with biological meat from the local butcher. Live cooked by BBQ chefs. Vegetarian foods available per request.

€24,50 pp incl first drink. Beers and soda at €1,20 per drink for attendees only.

Taxi services available.


Registration can only be done by e-mail to: mentioning your name, age (only for kids) en which sessions you want to participate in. We expect a lot of people from the Netherlands and abroad, so we may have to close registration for the most popular sessions when they get overcrowded. That’s why we need to know which sessions you want to attend.

Payment can only be done on our bank account:

IBAN-number: NL 93 RABO 0322 8252 45


Account holder: Stichting Katsudo

Don’t forget to mention who the payment is for.

NOTE: Payements are non-refundable. If needed you can have yourself replaced by someone else.


Questions on the seminarweekend can of course be asked through e-mail to: We will do our best to answer within a day.


Brye Cooper, 6th degree blackbelt

GM Pick is one of the foremost combat martial arts teachers in the world, his highly realistic,intellectual, scientific and effective approach to Kenpo inspired me to raise my game as a Kenpoist and a martial artist over 26 years ago, having had the privelidge to be on the mat with him as a young green belt just arrived in America. A man of integrity and action, I can safely say no one has had more of an influence in my martial arts journey and growth.  A highly recommended weekend for fellow martial artist in Europe.

Best in Kenpo
Brye Cooper

Sean Kelley, 7th degree black belt

For those who have never had the Honor of meeting/training with Senior Teaching Black belt- Michael Robert Pick, let me share this. I have known of his reputation since the age of 17 years old through the conversations with SGM Ed Parker & GM Francisco Conde Sr(see reference Ed Parker’s Nunchaku book) and for years I’ve heard of the stories,rumors and countless statements of his abilities with reference to his signature-style of ‘Kenpo’ and of course his ‘Premier Knife’ applications. Then in June 2004 I made a paradigm shift in my Martial Path and set out to add the Principles & Concepts of Mr.Pick’s ‘Kenpo Combatives’ into my own Journey. I am not a UKF member, but I am a student under his counsel,guidance and consider him to be my current teacher/mentor to guide me through what I find functional and useful to those within my Federation(CKF) as well as my VIP Advanced Student clientele. As part of the team of ‘Seniors’ within the Kenpo Community I highly recommend his seminars but any/all opportunities to train and explore the ‘Universal’ theories many of the Kenpo Masters & Professors make available to all generations who seek additional education that may improve, or reinforce your own findings within this awesome System that we all share as a passion. Enjoy and take the opportunity as it will not always exist….as I feel networking is the way of Kenpo O’Hana. Professor Marcel de Jong is an example of what we need and applaud as a future carrier of the ‘Kenpo Torch’ to keep this Flame Burning….TCB!

Rainer Schulte, 9th degree black belt

Any Seminar you can join will be another experience, either positive or negative. You can only Learn. As to who or what came first does not matter anymore. What I did was IKKA Kenpo and MY First. Any Martial Artist should have the experience to join a Mike Pick Seminar.
Rainer Schulte