5.0 Fighter, Speakman Camp

5.0 Fighter, Speakman Camp

19 april 2014

"The Perfect Weapon" Jeff Speakman is back in Europe! This time the main event in Europe will be the first AKKS Training Camp since a long time!

We're gonna bring you high quality training experiences with some of the greatest instructors from Europe and more.....

The Camp instructors of this first edition are:

Master Jeff Speakman (9th degree black belt)
Grandmaster Shay Paget (10th degree black belt)
Senior Professor Jaki McVicar (7th degree black belt)
Associate Professor Dan Pribble (5th degree black belt)
Senior Instructor Stive Mogeot (4th degree black belt)
Head Instructor Jean-Louis Mbongo (3rd degree black belt and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt)

More info to be announced soon!!!!

The event will take place at Sporthal De Valkaart
Albrecht Rodenbachstraat 42

The dates:

Saturday April 19 & Sunday April 20 2014

Prices: € 135,00 (pay before 03/16/2014 or € 145,00 (pay after 03/16/2014).

Get your discount and register before 03/16/2014 !!!!

Katsudo Kenpo Studio
Nijverheidsweg 9F

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