Katsudo @ Wolfpack 2020

Katsudo Sparring Team today at The Wolfpack Cup 2020. The second tournament of this year. A high level of competition and again such great results from this talented group of martial artists. You all did your best and I am proud of you guys. Let’s get back in the gym and train towards the 2020 Kenpo Nationals Forms & Sparring on the 5th of April.

Forms / Weapon

Cheyenne van Lint : 1st Girls Weapon Kata

Cheyenne van Lint: 2nd Girls Kata

Michael-Ray Rozengarden: 2nd Mens Weapons Kata

Stevie van Wingerden: 3rd Men Weapons Kata

Brandon Lansink : 2nd Boys Kata

Yasmine Hmamouch: 2nd Girls Kata

Semi Contact Sparring

Yasmine Hmamouch : 2nd Girls -35kg

Brandon Lansink : 1st Boys -40kg

Stevie van Wingerden : 3rd Boys -55kg

Cheyenne van Lint : 2nd Womens +60kg

Michael-Ray Rozengarden : 3rd Mens -65kg

Damian van Galen : 3rd Mens -80kg

Michael-Ray Rozengarden : 3rd Mens Grand Championship